European Trademark Case Osho

In December 2010, a legal action has been initiated to prevent a monopolization of name “OSHO” by any individual or group of people. The action implies the cancellation of a contested Community trade mark (CTM) “OSHO” in Europe, similar as the trade mark “OSHO” was made invalid in USA in 2009. The applicant is Osho Lotus Commune e.V., the parent organization of the Osho Uta Institute in Cologne, the biggest Osho Meditation Center in Europe. The owner of the contested CTM, Osho International Foundation, is a Swiss nonprofit corporation.
Here you can find more details about this process including formal documents submitted to the court, a list of affidavits calling for the deletion and revocation of the trade mark, and answers to frequently asked questions:

How the story started:

How the story continued:

Formal documents submitted to (or received from) the court:

Affidavits calling for the trademark’s deletion as PDF files submitted from:
(NOTE: Some people who submitted affidavits asked not to put their text online.)
  • Adheera, Maria Westerman
  • Anahato, Uwe Messerschmitt-Breitbach
  • Anando, Ma Prem
  • Aneesha, Laura Ross
  • Anubuddha, Ronald Lee Modic
  • Avikal, Emilio Costantino
  • Chirantan, Barbara Land
  • Devakirti, Wilko Iedema
  • Devapath, Jochen Peters
  • Divyam, Johanna Kranenburg
  • Hiro, Anke Autzen
  • Khoji, Timothy Michael Green
  • Kutera, Gerardina Kurvers
  • Laya, Elfi Rose Hauser
  • Leela, Lydia Itzler
  • Manish, Jean-Henri Simon
  • Nirad, Hubertina Verbeek-Heemskerk
  • Navanita, Sharyn Harris
  • Omkaranand, Pieter Dingjan
  • Parigynana, Hans Bogers
  • Parijato, Wolfgang Hardt
  • Puja, Christiane Sturm
  • Rafia, John Morgan
  • Ramateertha, Robert Doetsch
  • Rani, Birgit Willems
  • Samarona, Ronald Buunk
  • Shunyam, Peter Schaden
  • Turiya, Lena Marie Hanover
  • Vasubandhu, Paul Henri Macquoy
  • Vasumati, Sharon Hancock
  • Veetman, Ulrich Masshoefer
  • Siddhartha, Mattheus van Langen

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